How security measures keep the scare away 👻

Facebook. Flipboard. Fortnite. All three have had security breaches in 2019 leaking hundreds of millions of customers data to hackers. Downright frightful. The spookiest part? It’s not the first time for some of these companies, and it all could have been avoided witch 🧙is the whole point.  When was the last time your organization ensured […]

Blockchain and GDPR: When Opportunities and Challenges Meet

Blockchain technologies are arguably breaking many patterns nowadays. Just consider the instances on which the circulation of bitcoin and ethereum crypto currencies are based. There are lots of aspects to keep in mind as they introduce new paradigms, including but not limited to those of a legal nature. From this perspective, looking at the Blockchain/GDPR […]

How can you protect yourself against (D)DoS attacks?

For those of us that work in the IT industry, (D)DoS attacks are a part of life. And, have been for a number of years. The attacks shift in style just like any other fashion trend and they come and go in intensity and frequency – but they are always present. Sometimes the trend is […]

Technology solutions to comply with GDPR

GDPR has been in the spotlight for the past couple of years, and organizations have been working hard to follow the requirements. Documentation is an important part of GDPR, but GDPR is about more than just documentation. In order to comply with GDPR, companies not only need legal competence, but also technical expertise. GDPR highlights […]

6 Questions and Answers about GDPR

What is the GDPR? GDPR is an EU regulation, and it has two main purposes, protecting the individual’s right to privacy and their right to have their personal information kept safe. The GDPR will affect all organisations that in some way process or handle personal data, apart from a few exceptions, such as law enforcement […]

GDPR and the meaning of Consent

There is a lot of misunderstanding concerning the extent that GDPR requires consent from data subjects. In my line of work, I meet a lot of people that have the impression that consent will be required for all their organization’s processing of personal data. This cannot be further from the truth. Consent is just one […]

GDPR and US Privacy Shield 0.1.

GDPR – Since July 2020 the U.S. Privacy Shield has been declared invalid and can no longer be used. The U.S. Privacy Shield has been declared invalid by the Court of Justice of the European Union. Read more below about the statement and what is meant by transferring personal data to a third country. What […]

Frequently asked questions about GDPR

Which companies will be investigated first? In Sweden, the supervisory authority, Datainspektionen, will prioritize cases where “risk of abuse is particularly high” according to the Datainspektionen website (eg organizations dealing with large amounts of sensitive personal data). Datainspektionen will also prioritize received complaints and cases that have been highlighted by the media. According to the […]

A quick guide to GDPR documentation

In GDPR there is a principle of accountability, which means that you should be able to demonstrate compliance with the regulation. One way of doing this is through documentation. So what kind of documents do you need to have in place? Here is a quick guide to the most important documents you need in order […]

Pseudonymization and anonymization of personal data

One thing that is heavily emphasised in GDPR is the importance of Privacy by Design. Mechanisms to protect personal integrity should be built into IT systems and services. One of the core principles is data minimization. This means that all products and services should be designed so that as little personal data as possible is […]