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The clinical trial software solution industry is a fickle one where procedures are king. Replior, a Swedish owned and operated company, offers a clinical trial product portfolio by the name of Trial Online. In the past decade alone, Trial Online has been the chosen SaaS system for more than 1,000 clinical trials. Technology and security are of utmost importance to clinical trials, but adoption of new innovative solutions can be lengthy. A customizable clinical trial platform offering a suite of solutions like Trial Online allows both CROs and pharmaceutical companies the comfort of familiar procedures while minimizing task completion times, increasing study patient retention rates and providing cost savings. 

Trial Online adapts quickly to the needs of the industry and launched Virtual Visits, an online patient management tool for clinical study trials in 2020, just at the brink of a global lockdown. Integrating with an app available for both iOS and Android that was launched in 2019, Trial Online is constantly creating additional value for its users. The integral part of providing technological solutions to the medical clinical trial industry is of course security and accessibility of data with ensured compliance. In 2019, Replior acquired an IT operation provider and merged the IT operations of Replior into Complior. This is a unique relationship as Replior and Complior are both owned by Hiberion Group AB.

That’s where Complior is the perfect support partner for Replior and Trial Online’s software.

The Benefits

In an interview with Anders Ottosson, Trial Online’s product manager and test leader, he identifies Complior’s expertise in security and governance. Ottosson has worked in the life sciences industry for more than 20 years, and with Replior since 2010.

GDPR, GxP to FDA regulations, EMA regulations and ICH guidelines are all regulatory frameworks that Replior, and Trial Online, follows in conjunction with industry standards to ensure high product quality and security. Complior manages all of the IT operations for Replior including Trial Online’s software, so the Replior team can focus on their core business trusting the IT is running flawlessly. Ottosson validates that trust in Complior during his interview,
Anders Replior portrait

Anders Ottosson

product manager and test leader

“The vast knowledge of adherence to regulatory frameworks, they really understand and know what it takes to be compliant and are always available for external audits.”
This professional guidance to maintain compliance, which was also witnessed during the implementation process, is the greatest benefit of the relationship. Complior had data integrity and security planned extensively with multiple fall back plans, which allowed the process to run without incident.

In today’s tech world with current events that are shifting the global work and marketplaces, industries are having to adopt online solutions. Having a trusted partner that follows regulated frameworks, maintains data integrity and places security at the core of its operations like our team of experts at Complior, is an extensively beneficial relationship to any business.

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