Personal Cloud Space and Threats to Corporate Networks

Personal Cloud space is getting very common and soon it will become a necessity rather than a luxury. There is no doubt that personal cloud is very convenient, cheap and easy to handle. The IT giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft have embraced this change and provided people with a decent platform to experience personal cloud.

Common to store corporate data in personal cloud

But, now it is time for more companies to embrace this change and become more open. Employees are progressively using handheld devices to a greater extent to be more productive and there is no doubt that productivity is no longer bound by office boundaries. Handheld devices and cloud space is convenient, comfortable and makes an employee happy, which in turn benefits the company.

As a result, it is today common that employees use personal cloud to store corporate data, which opens up to new challenges and risk for companies. One single user multiplies the challenges when you consider the possibility of accessing the personal cloud from their own different devices.

What happens if an employee’s device is compromised? Or, if a user accidentally shares a sensitive file with a friend, family member or someone else? These concerns are still not sufficiently addressed by companies and in the future they are likely to become more serious.

Corporate cloud for cloud storage

Companies need to embrace the change without loosing sight of the security aspects. I believe some education could be useful where companies instruct employees regarding the use of cloud storage and/or provide employees with a corporate cloud that employees can trust.

The corporate world needs to study both pros and cons of personal cloud services and come up with a convenient, flexible solution that, of course, is secure. Because this trend is only going to evolve, expand and push boundaries.

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