Compliant Cloud Services

Tokenization at the core to simplify PCI Compliance

Complior’s Compliant Cloud Services are built using tokenization. All sensitive cardholder information is removed from your systems and replaced with an indecipherable token. The original data is stored in our PCI DSS certified infrastructure, which offers the best security practices available. Your systems never store the CD (Cardholder Data), only the token. This minimizes your PCI scope.

Want to move sensitive data out of your systems and simplify compliance?

Does your organisation handle payment card data? If you store, process or transmit payment card data, you have to follow the security standard PCI DSS. Our Compliant Cloud Services are cost effective solutions that facilitate compliance and simplify the handling of credit card data. Outsource data to Complior and focus on your core business – we’ll handle the storage of sensitive data!


Outsource sensitive data

It can be difficult and strenuous for companies to handle storage of sensitive information themselves. Complior’s Compliant Cloud Services simplify storage, processing and the transmission of card data. The different solutions allow you to move sensitive data out of your systems without having to invest in hardware. This is perfect if your organisation wants to be confident that your sensitive data is stored safely and cost efficiently.

Compliant Cloud Services

Tokenization Service  – Simplify storage of credit card data

Booking – Remove cardholder data from bookings

Payment Hub – Craft payment flows and switch acquirers on demand

Profile Service – Outsource personal data from your systems