Profile Service

Want to simplify compliance with GDPR?

Complior Profile Service is the perfect solution when you need to retain profile data as part of your business, but don’t want the security risk of storing it in your own IT system. Your end-users will not even know the difference. They enter their personal information, we handle the back end, and you never sit on any data that poses a security threat. Sensitive data, such as ID number, address, telephone number, birth date and name, is removed from your systems storage and replaced with an indecipherable token with no intrinsic value of its own. Any data of value is stored in our PCI DSS-certified infrastructure. Should you fall victim to a breach, there is no confidential information in your system to steal. It’s really that simple.

Pay for what you need

With Complior Profile Service you avoid large hardware investments since we provide an infrastructure that meets the highest level of compliance, and you only pay for what you need and store – a fraction of the cost of hardware and maintenance. The technical integration of the service only requires a few API requests and has a minimal effect on your current system. It will also help you to adhere to the GDPR directives pertaining to managing and storing personal data.

A cloud of dedicated hardware

Complior Profile Service is a part of Complior’s Compliant Cloud Services; built with virtual servers on dedicated hardware in a PCI DSS-certified infrastructure, which offers the best security practices available and minimizes the risk of leakage. We abide by the policy of least privilege to ensure that your sensitive data is always protected and can always tell you who has access to exactly what data and when.

Let Complior take responsibility for all the sensitive personal data that poses a security risk and can expose you to fines.