Backup as a service

At Complior, we understand the consequences of losing vital information - costly downtimes, damaged reputation, and irreversible losses. That's why we specialize in providing tailored backup solutions that ensure the continuity and protection of your business.

Why choose Complior for your backup?

Security and Reliability

  • We utilize a leading technology for backup and restoration to provide the best possible protection.
  • Your data is protected in our state-of-the-art data centers, which are Swedish security-protected facilities compliant with MSB protection class 3 standards, featuring surveillance and advanced security measures.
  • We maintain high data protection standards, including compliance with GDPR and ISO/IEC 27001, PCI DSS.

Flexibility and Scalability

  • We offer solutions tailored for everyone from startups to large organizations, optimized for your specific environment.
  • Our services can be scaled to match your business's growth and evolving data requirements.

Expertise and Support

  • Our team of certified experts has extensive experience in backup and data protection.
  • We offer proactive monitoring and support to guarantee optimal performance of the system and swift issue resolution.

Backup of Microsoft 365

Our backup service for M365 adds an additional layer of protection, complementing Microsoft's own security features. Full restoration flexibility for emails, documents, and Teams collaborations, independent of Microsoft's infrastructure, for added data protection.

Why backup of M365 is necessary?

Protection against Data Loss:

Users may accidentally delete important files or emails. In some cases, data may be recoverable from M365, but only within a limited time period. After this, there is no standard recovery mechanism.

Cyber Attacks:

Having independent backup copies is crucial for the recovery process after an attack.

Legal and Regulatory Requirements:

Companies are facing an increasing number of regulations that require long-term preservation of business data. Microsoft's standard policies may not meet these requirements, making self-backup necessary for legal compliance.

Item Retention and eDiscovery:

In the event of legal disputes, companies may need to quickly provide specific data. Relying solely on M365's built-in features may limit the company's ability to effectively respond to these demands.

Why doesn't Microsoft take care of this?

Microsoft's responsibility is to ensure the availability and security of the infrastructure. They provide redundancy and protection at the infrastructure level but are clear that data protection is the user's responsibility. Microsoft's model is based on shared responsibility, where the user must ensure that their data is securely backed up beyond the mechanisms provided by Microsoft. This is why it is critical for M365 users to implement an independent backup solution that complements Microsoft's own protections and ensures that data can be restored quickly and effectively, regardless of the situation.

Taking independent backups of M365 is not just a best practice; it's a necessity for modern businesses that value their data and strive to protect their operations against unexpected data loss and cyber threats.

Backup and Restore

Regular backup and testing are crucial for effective data protection. We recommend a customized backup routine based on your unique needs and risks. Through regular testing, we verify the functionality and reliability of the backup solution. Complior can support you throughout the entire process, from planning and automation to execution and support.