NC Protect for File Shares

Together with archTIS, Complior offer their award-winning NC Protect document security solution that equips enterprises with the ability to find, classify and secure unstructured data.
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With so much focus on new systems and the cloud, how are access and compliance being managed on your file shares? The same data privacy and security concerns that apply to Cloud technologies are equally important for file shares.

NC Protect offers dynamic, real-time data loss prevention for Windows file shares. It continuously monitors and audits data and documents stored and shared on Windows File Shares against defined policies to protect against data breaches, unauthorized access, and misuse. Automatically find, classify and secure sensitive data, and determine how it can be accessed, used and shared with granular control using NC Protect’s attribute-based access control (ABAC) and protection policies.

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It enhances Windows File Share security to not just control access to sensitive data, but also apply conditional data-centric protections such as read-only access, user-based watermarks, encrypt or restrict attachments sent through Exchange Email, and more. NC Protect supports common file types, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, OCR, CAD files, images, text files and more. It is entirely transparent to end-users and does not require any additional client-side applications.

NC Protect delivers advanced information protection for Windows File Shares that is simple, fast and dynamic.


NC Encrypt

Using NC Protect and NC Encrypt offers dynamic encryption and "Hold Your Own Key" (HYOK) for M365, for advanced security and control.

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NC Protect for Microsoft 365

NC Protect offers customers a comprehensive security solution focused on data-centric protection for Microsoft 365 applications and file sharing on the Windows platform.

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