Compliant Cloud

PCI DSS Compliance with a certified cloud environment

PCI DSS compliance can be costly and complex. Developing and maintaining your own PCI environment can be even more complex. For this reason, a lot of companies choose to outsource their technical environment to a PCI DSS certified cloud hosting provider.

Complior offer a dedicated PCI DSS Compliant Cloud. We handle the data and you focus on your core business. Placing your IT-environment in a PCI DSS certified cloud platform helps you to cut costs and overcome compliance obstacles.

Reach 75% of PCI requirements

Complior is a PCI DSS level 1 service provider. We can handle your data regardless of the size of your business and the number of transactions per year. We can take responsibility for up to 75% of the requirements in the PCI DSS from your organization, vastly improving your organization’s odds of gaining and maintaining PCI DSS compliance.

What is included in PCI DSS Compliant Cloud

  • PCI DSS Level 1 certified infrastructure, platform and processes audited annually by external Qualified Security Assessors (QSA
  • Complior takes responsibility for almost all requirements in PCI DSS concerning technology like hardware, operating systems
  • PCI DSS Operations Team 24/7
  • Complior makes sure that all the hardware and operating systems are hardened, penetration tested and scanned for vulnerabilities
  • Advise and help with the design of customer’s networks to ensure PCI DSS compliance
  • Secure servers for high availability and security
  • Monitoring
  • Daily log management to track events and changes
  • Hardware Security Module (HSM) to facilitate encryption.

Benefits with Complior’s PCI DSS Compliant Cloud

Cost effective cloud hosting
By choosing to move your IT-environment to our PCI compliant cloud you significantly cut costs related to compliance.

PCI DSS certified cloud delivery is a fast lane towards PCI DSS compliance.
Complior is a PCI DSS level 1 certified provider. Our infrastructure, platform and processes are annually audited to ensure the highest level of security required for protecting payment card data.

Full control of your data
Your data is located in a secure cloud based hosting platform in Sweden, meaning that you always retain control over payment data. With features like log management, you can also keep track of events and actions – and know who did what, and when.

Cloud infrastructure in secure data centers in Sweden
You are hosted in the safest of operational environments and your business critical data is stored in some of the most secure data centers in Sweden. The data centers are disaster protected and physically separated, with enterprise grade hardware, fully redundant architecture, and PCI DSS compliance.

In-house expertise
We can ensure that your operating systems work as they should, 24/7/365. With a knowledgeable operations and support team, a dedicated Service Manager, and in-house expertise on PCI DSS, you have central points of contact that know the needs of your organization.