Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our “Frequently Asked Questions” section for answers to some of the questions we get asked the most by both our current and potential clients. And if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to help you out!
Complior is a provider of infrastructure and operational services with a well-developed approach to providing operations based on high-security standards such as PCI DSS and ISO27001. This allows us to help businesses comply with these regulatory requirements with a tailored service from the outset. Even customers who do not have these high requirements can benefit from this operational approach without paying more than what is customary in the industry.

Switching service provider is never easy, but with a carefully planned migration of data and systems, it can be done cost-effectively and securely. We recommend that you seek our help with this project, where we can be involved from the outset and support you with recommendations, technical design, and selectable paths to take. It also gives us a quick insight into your system and makes it easier for us to support you during the move. Having two environments up in parallel for a short period of time is usually not a problem. There are many ways to assist to ensure that the cost doesn't burden the business during the project.

Complior is a smaller and more personalized service provider compared to many of our colleagues in the industry. This allows us to be closer to our customers and have fast decision-making processes. We have a well-established organization with competent staff who manage our systems 24/7 every day of the year. Our operational model and technical platform are developed to precisely plan our resources, and our staff have broad expertise and depth in their respective specialist areas.

I would be happy to quote one of our customers:

“We benefit from a very direct and strong relationship with the experts. This makes resolution times
shorter than with other providers.”

Our highest level of operational commitment is Compliance Operations, which is designed to help our customers meet requirements in the payment industry (PCI DSS), ISO27001, and other heavily regulated industries such as healthcare. With increased complexity and sensitivity in the IT environment, high-security measures are required today to secure businesses and SaaS services.

Through our long-standing experience and clear processes and routines, we can offer a unique operational service with high control over the IT environment at a competitive cost. The service includes, among other things, powerful vulnerability analyses and quarterly security reports tailored to each customer's environment.

Complior have no limitations on commitments, and we welcome everything from startups to large established IT environments. We are happy to assist and ensure that your desired setup is cost-effective and future-proof.

Complior is certified according to ISO27001, ISO9001, ISO14001, and meets the requirements for PCI DSS level 1. In addition, all our personnel undergo background checks by SÄPO (Swedish Security Service). We can also name the individuals who may have access to an IT system. All our services are delivered from Sweden and Stockholm. These are common requirements for public procurement and we can confidently answer "yes" to all questions in the questionnaire.

Note that there may be additional requirements for public procurement that are not mentioned in the question, and it is important to carefully review the specification to ensure that all requirements are met.

Complior AB is part of the Swedish conglomerate Hiberion Group. The group also includes Replior AB, which operates in the life science industry, Novion Technologies, which provides energy consulting services, and Capture, which develops software.

In 2019, 24solutions AB was acquired and all owners and board members were replaced. The IT operations and infrastructure business of 24solutions AB is now fully integrated into Complior AB. Since the acquisition, Complior AB has undergone new certifications in both ISO and PCI DSS and now has a well-established organization.

Complior strives to offer simple and accessible communication channels for its customers. We understand the importance of being able to provide quick and direct contact with our technical support, and therefore we provide availability on the following channels:

  • Private Slack channel (all customers have their own Slack channel)
  • Phone
  • Helpdesk web
  • Email

We are dedicated to providing smooth and efficient customer service by being easily accessible to our customers.