We are here for you all the way


Whether AWS is new to you or not, we have our experts on hand to support you with all types of questions and requests.


Best practice is to always provision infrastructure as a code, a flexible way for you to get started and facilitate compliance with standards such as PCI DSS and ISO 27001.


We have a team of certified AWS technicians who monitor and respond 24/7 on incidents.

and Cost Optimization

Our team continuously reviews your environment to be continuously cost-effective and optimized.

and compliance

We assure that your environment is safe and complies with set goals and standards such as PCI DSS or ISO27001.

Daily operation, support
and maintenance

For a worry-free existence, we ensure that your daily operation is performed professionally and according to set criteria and goals.

Good architecture and cost-effective set-up in AWS, is what many companies strive for. Choosing to highlight your environment in the cloud is becoming more common, but it is not entirely straightforward. There are often requirements for industry compliance standards such as PCI DSS and ISO27001 to ensure safe and reliable architecture with 24hr operation, such is the case in AWS. A successful trip to the cloud places high demands on organizations, as it is resource-intensive and cost-driving.

It is a challenge for many to understand the full scope but Complior is there to help you throughout the journey from pre-study to full establishment in AWS. AWS is constantly evolving with new services and opportunities. In order to optimize resources and costs, continuous work is needed to manage the environment and for improvement. We want to work closely and offer a transparent dialogue to become your partner and advisor, regardless of whether it is the first step or if you are already set up and want to optimize your environment.

We at Complior have many years of experience in secure operations in IT environments that meet industry standards such as PCI DSS. This has established us as experts in these type of more demanding, managed IT operations.

You as a customer always have close and direct contact with our technicians and service hosts, so that you have the right conditions to succeed with a safe and cost-effective operation in AWS.