Encryption and Key management

At Complior, we understand the importance of protecting critical digital assets and the sensitive information that is the foundation of your business. That's why we offer comprehensive HSM and KMS solutions as a service, based on the highly regarded Thales technology. By using the Thales Hardware Security Module (HSM) and a Key Management Service (KMS) based on CipherTrust Manager, we deliver robust security solutions to our customers without the need for your own extensive infrastructure or special knowledge.
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Hardware Security Module (HSM)

With our HSM service, you get access to secure HSM devices that are managed and maintained in Complior's secure data center. This service eliminates the need to invest in and maintain your own physical security infrastructure.

Key Management System (KMS)

Our KMS service uses Thales CipherTrust Manager (CTM) to offer a centralized and secure key management solution. The service gives you control and an overview of your security keys without the complexity and costs that come with building your own solution. With a KMS you can protect your data both locally and in cloud services.

Complior strives to offer the safest and most reliable HSM and KMS services, based on Thales' state-of-the-art technology. Through our collaboration with Thales, we ensure that your company gets access to advanced security solutions without the challenges and costs that come with internal management. Let us help you protect your most valuable information with a service you can trust to be secure, scalable and always available.


Key Management System (KMS)

Complior KMS (Key Management System) manages the organization's encryption keys with CipherTrust Manager from Thales Group for optimal security and management.

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AWS KMS has a feature called AWS External Key Store (XKS) that enables secure communication with external encryption keys.

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