Simplify your booking system with tokenization!

Complior Booking helps hotels, OTAs, Channel Managers and other actors in the hospitality and travel industry remove cardholder data from their systems. This simplifies the booking process – putting companies out of scope for PCI DSS and increasing the overall security.

A more secure way to send booking information

Complior Booking is designed to simplify the transfer of sensitive information between actors in the booking chain. Traditionally, booking information, including payment card data has been shared with all actors in the booking chain in a non-secure way. This has put companies at risk for data theft. With Complior Booking, all payment card data is removed from your systems – so that you don’t directly handle any sensitive information.

Complior Booking works using tokenization technique, where the card data is replaced with a token. Tokenization is an extremely secure technology, since it moves payment card data out of your systems. Instead, the sensitive data is stored in Complior’s PCI DSS certified platform.

How Complior booking works
  • An individual makes a booking on a travel website.
  • The travel agency sends the booking information to our booking engine Complior Booking.
  • The booking engine cleans the booking information from credit card data by searching and replacing the card information with a token. This is sent to the Channel Manager or Property Management System.
  • The cleaned booking information is then sent to the hotel. The hotel can also retrieve the card information in case it is needed for payment.

With Complior Booking, payment card data is removed from your systems with the use of tokenization – putting your systems out of scope for PCI DSS. Not only does Complior Booking increase security since there is no card data for criminals to steal, the solution also saves you costs on compliance projects.

Complior Booking is easy to use and integrate, requiring only a few API requests. It can also be integrated with your booking engine on your website, with a customizable look. In our secure booking portal, you can safely view reservation details and associated payment card information.