Payment Hub

Are you looking for a solution that makes payments more flexible? 

The payment landscape is a complex one. Your company is usually part of an elaborate chain of actors like PSPs and acquirers, banks and credit card distributors – all wanting their piece of the cake! Complior can offer Complior Payment Hub, a flexible tool that lets you regain control over payments.

Process payments in a better way

Complior Payment hub is a payment tool that allows you to process payments from different payment channels, such as in store and online. The solution also lets you control which acquirer should be used for what payments.

Choose any acquirer on the fly 

Switching acquirer is usually something that takes a lot of work, and the process of migrating to a new acquirer can be a pain. Complior Payment Hub allows your company to craft payment flows and freely connect and switch between acquirers via a single point of integration. You can even switch on a transaction-to-transaction basis and in real time. This allows you to benchmark different acquirers on things like transaction fee, market restrictions and downtime – so you can make the best choice for your business and your customers.

Serve more customers – The ability to choose an acquirer on the fly not only saves you money on transaction fees, but it also gives you the possibility to grow your business to serve more markets.

Save time and cut costs – Complior Payment Hub saves costs for your company in several areas. The integration is easy using API requests; you avoid hardware investment, and only pay for the number of PANs stored. The solution is also scalable and can grow as you go!.

Portal where you can track payments and statistics – In the Complior Payment Hub Portal, you get a comprehensive and detailed overview of your payments and transactions.

Payment card data? no problem! – Complior Payment Hub is built using tokenization technology, which lets you process payments without managing cardholder data. Your systems never store the Cardholder Data, only a token – making PCI DSS compliance a lot easier.