Record of Processing Activities

Create your record of data processing activities with the help of our template!

A substantial part of reaching GDPR compliance involves documentation. Article 30 of the GDPR specifies that organizations need to document how they handle personal data. This means that all organizations should maintain a record of processing activities, not only because it is a requirement, but also because it facilitates the mapping of processes that involve personal data.

There is an abundance of tools available on the market, but many of them come with costly licenses and complicated agreements.

Complior offers a straightforward record of processing activities template.

With our template you quickly get an overview of the personal data your organization is processing and can map it accordingly. You fill in things like the processing activity, description of the purpose, categories of personal data, legal ground, description of organizational security measures, and everything else that the GDPR requires. The template also looks at questions beyond the Article 30 requirements that are important for the mapping, such as what needs to be taken into consideration when writing a processing agreement with your suppliers according to Article 28.

Save time and energy with a ready-to-use template

  • You remain in control – the template is an excel document that can be downloaded to your desktop.
  • You receive a record of processing activities template that can be used by both the controller and processor.
  • It contains clear and comprehensive examples that show you what data to enter and how.
  • You don’t have to invest in software or sign any long-term agreements.
  • Includes a complementary glossary that explains the main concepts and what they really mean in practice.
  • Developed by our IT-security and legal experts.

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