How security measures keep the scare away 👻

Facebook. Flipboard. Fortnite. All three have had security breaches in 2019 leaking hundreds of millions of customers data to hackers. Downright frightful. The spookiest part? It’s not the first time for some of these companies, and it all could have been avoided witch 🧙is the whole point.  When was the last time your organization ensured […]

Factors for successful information security management

The term security awareness is frequently used when talking about information security, and rightfully so. In my experience the two single most important factors to successful information security management are: a) Security awareness b) Cooperation In fact, without cooperation you will not succeed with much of anything. But, it is especially relevant when it comes […]

Are you protected?
23 Million Credit Cards Stolen

Six months into 2019 and 23 Million credit cards had not only been stolen but were readily available for sale for as little as $5 on the Internet, you just have to know where to look. In today’s ecommerce world where credit cards are the currency of choice, keeping personal information secure and protecting client […]