Shopping Trends and Cyber Threats

The holiday season brings snow (we hope), Christmas, a New Year and lots of online shopping, which is quickly getting more popular, simpler and convenient. Shopping for Christmas gifts and then trying to grab a bargain during the following sale, makes this season a time, when world online stores do what they can, to sell […]

Personal Cloud Space and Threats to Corporate Networks

Personal Cloud space is getting very common and soon it will become a necessity rather than a luxury. There is no doubt that personal cloud is very convenient, cheap and easy to handle. The IT giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft have embraced this change and provided people with a decent platform to experience personal […]

How can you protect yourself against (D)DoS attacks?

For those of us that work in the IT industry, (D)DoS attacks are a part of life. And, have been for a number of years. The attacks shift in style just like any other fashion trend and they come and go in intensity and frequency – but they are always present. Sometimes the trend is […]

Hackers – who are they?

For the past several years, hackers have been a hot topic in the media. Hackers seem to be a dominant topic not only in the news but also in the entertainment industry. In movies, ‘the hacker antagonist’ has been a recurring theme – the villain is then often a powerful hacker that seems to be […]

Are you protected?
23 Million Credit Cards Stolen

Six months into 2019 and 23 Million credit cards had not only been stolen but were readily available for sale for as little as $5 on the Internet, you just have to know where to look. In today’s ecommerce world where credit cards are the currency of choice, keeping personal information secure and protecting client […]