Protect your data with in-place private key encryption in Azure

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is one of the most popular cloud services available today. It allows businesses to scale up and manage their infrastructure without investing in their own hardware and maintenance. However, when it comes to storing and managing sensitive data in public clouds, it is important to have the right security measures in place.

Encrypting data is one of the most important methods to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information. By using a private encryption key, you can further strengthen security and avoid unauthorized actors or Microsoft itself from accessing data.

CipherTrust Manager

Thales CipherTrust Manager is a platform that helps businesses centralize and manage their encryption keys in a secure manner. This makes it possible to encrypt data regardless of whether it is in a database, local file system, or in a cloud service such as Microsoft Azure.

By using CipherTrust Manager, businesses can ensure that their private data is protected effectively. It also helps to meet requirements for security, integrity, and compliance with regulations and best practices.

What is Transparent Encryption?

Transparent Encryption is a solution for protecting data with encryption at rest, with centralized key management that you have full control over, access control for privileged users, and detailed logging of data access.

Transparent Encryption protects data no matter where it is, locally on your servers, across multiple cloud services, and within big data and container environments.

The implementation is simple, scalable, and fast, with agents installed on the operating system's file system or current device, and encryption and decryption are transparent to all applications running on top of it.

CipherTrust Transparent Encryption is designed to meet data integrity requirements and good practices for data protection regardless of public or local platform.

Access Control Policy

Policies are used for access control against your encrypted data, these policies are configured in your KMS (CipherTrust Manager). Policies determine when an attempt to access encrypted data should be granted or denied.  

By using policies, you can easily classify your data and control which individuals or groups have access to certain types of sensitive encrypted data. Policies can also limit access to data depending on the user's privileges, such as an administrator not being able to read the same data as a group with full privileges, regardless of their administrative rights.

This type of access control enables administrators to perform their jobs, such as system backups, updates, and hardware maintenance, without having access to sensitive information. This is crucial for protecting sensitive information while enabling smooth operations.

Swedish Service in Swedish Data Centers

Complior offers a service that manages keys for Transparent Encryption. You always have full control over your keys and manage your policies. Complior only enables the platform.

This service is delivered from our Swedish data centers that meet protection class level 3, with a local team that has undergone security screening.

Do you want to know more about how to encrypt your data in public clouds, local file systems, databases, or containers? Contact us for a demo or walkthrough.

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