What is CipherTrust Manager and Transparent Encryption?

CipherTrust Manager and Transparent Encryption are solutions that enable file and content encryption in a transparent manner, without requiring users or applications to be aware of the encryption. This provides a high level of security and privacy for sensitive or classified data.

One of the most exciting features of Transparent Encryption is the ability to exclude administrators from accessing the data while still allowing a process or selected program to read the data. This means that we can now encrypt data in applications that do not natively support encryption or have not been adapted to handle encryption. This can be useful for protecting data from internal threats or unauthorized intrusions.

A common question that arises when choosing to encrypt data is how it affects performance. One might assume that encryption would slow down and reduce the efficiency of file management. However, with Transparent Encryption, this is not a significant issue. Transparent Encryption has a very low performance impact, approximately 8-10%, in an application that is not specifically designed for encryption. This is an acceptable level for most use cases and scenarios.

Transparent Encryption provides a simple and convenient way for businesses and the public sector to start encrypting sensitive and classified data, such as blueprints for critical infrastructure. With Transparent Encryption, you can protect blueprints from unauthorized access— not even an administrator can view the content by accessing the file system and opening the file. Only a signed and selected process (program) has the right to view the content, or a chosen group of authorized users. This offers a high level of control and traceability over data management.

Would you like to see a demo (in Swedish) showcasing how simple and robust this solution is?

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