Should you outsource?

The Ultimate Guide to PCI DSS Cloud Hosting You collect payment from your customers online and you know it’s your company’s responsibility to keep that information secure, confidential and from getting hacked and released into the world of the Internet. It’s your reputation, your brand and your customer’s trust all on the line. So what […]

Checklist: 7 Questions to ask potential hosting providers

When selecting a reliable, trusted PCI DSS cloud-hosting provider it is critical to understand and investigate the seven main areas outlined below so you can partner with confidence.   Doing your research and understanding your options, the potential hidden costs, depth of security available and level of customer service provided allows you to select a […]

10 questions to ask when deciding on a cloud hosting provider

Moving your business operations to the cloud or to a hosting provider can cut costs, streamline your workflow and eliminate the need for in-house IT personnel and hardware. But perhaps the biggest benefit for companies is the ability to concentrate on the business at hand and let someone else handle worrisome IT concerns like security, […]

Case: PSD2

Secure hosting of a revolutionary PSD2 solution