New at Complior:
Amazon Web Services

What if you could pick-and-choose IT tools, infrastructure and cloud services right when your business needs them, implement with ease and pay for how much you use? That’s exactly what AWS, Amazon Web Services, offers. 

An extensive catalogue of cloud based services stemming from data centers, machine learning, analytics, app development all the way to remote work solutions for employees. Whatever your business need may be, there is a solution available to alleviate the challenge. The struggle however? With such a broad scope it can be difficult and time consuming to know the best fit and most cost effective solution for your business. Additionally, AWS has a number of industry compliance regulations such as PCI DSS that must be met. That’s where partnering with us at Complior comes in. 

What does an AWS partner actually do?

Our team of experts works with you to optimize your AWS cloud environment. Whether you’re already an AWS partner or you’re just getting started, minimizing cost and maximizing effectiveness is no doubt a goal for growth. Navigating through AWS to ensure you’re selecting the best fit for your business can be a lengthy and arduous journey. With innovation continuously launching on AWS, staying on top of tools can be resource-exhausting. 

When you partner with our team of knowledgeable experts at Complior, we:

  • Meet with you to understand and identify your needs
  • Navigate AWS to identify optimal solutions
  • Implement into your AWS cloud environment
  • Ensure you’re fully compliant with industry requirements and regulations
  • Monitor & manage AWS cloud
  • Advise on any new launches of benefit for your business
  • Provide transparency in communication with our technicians for 24/7 support

Complior focuses on honing your IT environment on AWS, freeing up time, resources and stresses so your team can focus on business growth. 

What does this mean for your business?

Utilizing AWS services means cost savings in IT infrastructure, human resource management and the ability to ensure resources are directed towards innovating, launching and selling your business’ core products and services. 

Partnering with Complior means optimizing AWS services for further cost savings, ensuring privacy for your business and customers, regulation compliance and employing the most-up-to-date and beneficial AWS tools to meet your business needs and scale your business goals.