Managed services

We take responsibility for the functions and processes of your technical systems and applications

Managed services are offered to meet the high demands on todays IT environments. Where daily operations and running maintenance is essential for good security and availability.

Our different services:

Managed Service: Premium

Premium is a complete service where we take full responsibility for the daily maintenance and monitoring of your infrastructure.
We will ensure availability of your systems and that your environment has the latest updates.

  • Support 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Responsibility for the service being available up to the operating system.
  • Patch and update infrastructure components and operating systems.
  • Proactive monitoring connected to our help desk and NOC.

Managed service: Compliance

Compliance is based on the framework for IT operations that we have built up over many years, where the importance of control and reporting is as important as maintenance and updates. To work from the start through processes and routines qualified against standards such as ISO 27001 and PCI DSS, where you as a customer can focus on your core business and leave daily management to us.
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Managed Service: On-call

On-call is a service where the customer can reach the supplier’s system engineers 24/7/365 using a telephone service provided by SOS Alarm. The system engineers can provide professional services for the infrastructure services and for operating systems installed in the client’s Server services.

For customer servers without managed service, the following applies: The customer provides access and permission to customer’s operating systems, or they are documented and stored in supplier’s secure password management system.

Managed Procedure: Application, services, database

With Managed Procedure Complior performs work within the customer’s server environment according to documented procedures that you have created and have control over. The work can entail monitoring services, addressing glitches in operations, as well as maintaining client applications, services and databases.

Documentation key:

You specify aspects such as requirements, log levels and incident procedures. When the documentation is in place, Complior becomes responsible for verifying that the monitoring of services, requested scheduled tasks, and internal information distribution is done according to standard processes and the Managed Procedure documentation.

The work can either be:

  • Monitoring
  • Processes for managing and updating the status of services
  • Recurring scheduled actions


You can rely on us to handle things exactly the way you want it to be done, so that you can focus on your core business instead.