Success Stories


Tic-Tac Mobile is a time tracking tool so easy to use, it actually gets done.

A Swedish company in operation since 2002, Tic-Tac Mobile’s multi-function project management software allows clients to easily track, project manage and direct bill customers for time spent on specific tasks. With an easily downloadable app, a software that integrates with various accounting programs for invoicing and the ability to budget and forecast revenues, staffing, and charge time Tic-Tac Mobile serves its customers’ needs whether it be a freelancer, consulting firm of five or organization with many teams of employees. With a successful, growing, family run business, the team at Tic-Tac Mobile knew they needed to work with a company that could do more than just provide servers.

The Challenge

As Tic-Tac Mobile continued to scale they found a growing need for a secure, reliable and manageable way to fulfil their IT infrastructure requirements. Needing virtual servers that could allow Tic-Tac Mobile’s software to operate in a hardware-independent environment while being load balanced Tic-Tac Mobile identified their top three needs for a partner as: stability, security and personalized service by competent personnel.

The Solution

Almost an entire decade has passed since Tic-Tac Mobile partnered with us at Complior. Throughout the ten years, needs have adapted and changed and it’s the flexibility and willingness to go above and beyond for clients at Complior that have fostered the partnership strong. Our team of skilled experts ensure that IT requirements will be looked after, and the client-first service approach and accessibility pleased Tic-Tac Mobile.
"Stability is a must to maintain our customers' trust and Complior provides that for us."
Carl Zetterberg
Carl Zetterberg, Tic-Tac Mobile’s CEO highlights the ability to discuss and consult with competent staff a very valuable feature of Complior. Tic-Tac Mobile chose to handle the implementation process themselves, and now even houses its software development environment on Complior’s servers. Carl goes on to say how much this has increased efficiency as he can access and work no matter where he may be in the world.

As the tech world continues to change and adapt at lightning speed, and businesses like Tic-Tac Mobile along with it, one thing never changes at Complior. Our team is always available to our clients, almost like an extension of their own IT department, offering the most up-to-date knowledge in the industry, a robust offering of services and the most important thing, the time to stop and discuss whatever issue/need/challenge has arisen and craft a solution together.