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Success Stories

About MeaWallet

MeaWallet is a key provider of tokenization services in the FinTech industry that enables banks and merchants to easily and quickly integrate digital payment solutions for their customers. Founded in Norway in 2013, MeaWallet services clients worldwide with tokenization, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay and is continually on the leading edge of digital payment services.

The Challenge

Five years in and operating in a very fickle industry where security and reliability is a top priority, MeaWallet needed a trusted cloud security hosting platform. With security, professionalism and pricing as their top three criteria MeaWallet set out to find a worthy partner for their business.

The Solution

Combining high security, PCI DSS regulatory compliance with the cloud’s cost advantages and flexibility, Complior was able to provide an efficient and professional solution for MeaWallet.

With an extensive and reliable partner network, Complior was also able to cover the PCI DSS Certification program MeaWallet required with one of our partners and to the benefit of both parties
“We benefit from a very direct and strong relationship with the experts. This makes resolution times shorter than with other providers.”
Geir Norlund portrait
Geir Norlund
Co-Founder & CIO
Two years later and MeaWallet continues to use Complior’s secure and PCI DSS ready Cloud based Data Center facility for their managed services and production platform. Our cloud compliant service offerings at Complior are made with a focus on accessibility, scalability and high security, and we were able to deliver the specific compliant cloud service to MeaWallet including PCI DSS for their business purposes.

MeaWallet now rests assured that their sensitive data is securely stored and managed by our team of experts at Complior.

This allows them to focus on their core business without worrying about hardware investments and data security storage, all at a cost effective rate. MeaWallet’s co-founder, Geir Norlund, goes on to share that MeaWallet, “is very happy with Compliors’ services, attitude and service quality.”

Complior also went above and beyond connecting MeaWallet with industry partners to deliver services outside their scope, which is normal in the level of their client service and industry know-how.