Why You Should Consider HSM as a Service

If you want to protect your sensitive data with encryption, you need a secure place to store and manage your encryption keys. An HSM, or Hardware Security Module, is a physical device that does just that. However, buying and maintaining your own HSM can be expensive and cumbersome. Therefore, it may be wise to choose an HSM as a service.

What is an HSM?

An HSM is a hardware-based encryption module that performs encryption and decryption of data, as well as creates and stores encryption keys. An HSM is designed to be tamper-resistant and protect keys from being stolen or copied. An HSM is often used to meet high security and regulatory compliance requirements, such as in the payment industry, healthcare sector, or public sector.

Why do you need an HSM?

If you want to encrypt your data, you also need to manage your encryption keys securely. If someone obtains your keys, they can access your data through them. Therefore, it is not enough to simply store the keys in a file or database system. You need a dedicated device that can protect the keys from unauthorized access and manipulation.

What are the challenges of buying your own HSM?

Buying your own HSM involves several challenges, both economic and practical. Firstly, an HSM is an expensive investment that requires licenses, support, and maintenance. Secondly, you must store your HSM securely, preferably in a locked cabinet or room with limited access. Thirdly, you must have at least two HSM units to be able to back up and synchronize your keys between different physical locations. Fourthly, you must have certified personnel who can update and maintain your HSM.

What are the benefits of choosing an HSM as a service?

An HSM as a service is an alternative to buying your own HSM. With an HSM as a service, you get access to a hardware-based encryption module via secure data centers in Sweden without having to invest in or maintain any of your own equipment. An HSM as a service has several advantages, such as:

- You avoid costs for hardware, licenses, support, and maintenance.

- You get secure protection of your keys in secure data centers in Sweden.

- You have full control over your keys and can activate and administer them yourself.

- You get high security and regulatory compliance by using a PCI DSS-certified platform.

How can you get started with an HSM as a service?

If you want to get started with an HSM as a service, you can choose between three different options depending on your needs and preferences:

1. HSM as a service, a private partition in a physical HSM that synchronizes with a partition in a geographically separated data center to secure your keys. The partition is activated by you and meets high security and regulatory compliance requirements.

2. Dedicated HSM as a service, where the customer buys a dedicated physical HSM as a service, which is monitored, maintained, and managed within the service. Backup and clustering solutions are available.

3. Buy your own HSM, place it in our secure data centers, let us help you monitor and maintain the unit by agreement.

If you want to learn more about how you can benefit from an HSM as a service, contact us today for a free consultation.

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